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Promotion of sustainability

Basic idea

Promoting sustainability is the foundation for Aisin Group's sustainable growth and development into the future, and is a premise of corporate governance.
In order to build relationships of trust with a wide variety of stakeholders and provide value that anticipates the times, we will create a system in which organizations and people can learn and grow autonomously, and contribute to the realization of our management philosophy.


In order to promote sustainability, we are working on the Aisin Group Charter of Corporate Behavior and behavioral guidelines based on social responsibility.
Aisin Group Charter of Corporate Behavior
Action guidelines based on social responsibility

Aim for

We are engaged in three priority activities with the aim of gaining the support and trust of all stakeholders and contributing to the sustainable development of the Aisin Group, which has a strong global presence, and society.

Priority sustainability activities

  1. Contributing to social issues through business activities (achieving SDGs targets for 2030)
  2. Participation of all group members in sustainability initiatives
  3. Building relationships of trust (engagement) with stakeholders

Promotion system

The direction of sustainability-related activities is discussed and decided every year at the Sustainability Conference. The Sustainability Council is chaired by the president and is comprised of executive officers and the presidents of 11 group companies. Additionally, the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, etc. supervise and confirm progress.

Priority issue (materiality) selection process

Identifying issues

  • Extract items related to business and supply chain based on 17 goals/169 targets of SDGs


  • Create a materiality matrix by prioritizing based on stakeholder expectations/requests and importance to Aisin Group

Validation check

  • Discussion among group management and related executives
  • Exchange of opinions with outside experts, outside directors, and outside auditors

Approved at management level

  • The Board of Directors approves priority issues and proposals based on opinions from outside experts, etc.

Priority issues (materiality) and KPIs/targets for 2030

For priority issues (materiality) approved by the Board of Directors, we set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and targets for 2030, incorporate them into concrete action plans, and promote and improve initiatives. To go.