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ADVICS eliminates anxiety when working with people with disabilities, allows them to engage in safety and security, allows both the workplace and the people involved to demonstrate their abilities, and allows them to share the value of employing people with disabilities. Aiming for state. We currently employ over 100 people and are working to establish a support system both inside and outside the company.

Advics' three points regarding employment of people with disabilities

①Creating an environment where it is easy for the person to demonstrate his or her abilities
→We hold study sessions about disabilities and social gatherings with those affected, set up multiple consultation desks, and provide workplace matching with experts.

②Strengthening the specific division of roles and cooperation within and outside the company
→We have built a system of cooperation across the company, including workplaces, medical teams, and the human resources department, to resolve problems, and provide collaborative support with local support organizations as necessary.

③Dispatch of person in charge of employment of people with disabilities to the workplace
→We have staff with experience in support for parties involved and businesses, who share problem-solving know-how and serve as a consultation center for workplaces and parties concerned.

Delivered a lecture at a corporate seminar sponsored by Kariya City

In January 2024, our company was invited for the first time to the "Seminar on Employment of People with Disabilities for Companies" hosted by Kariya City as a lecturer to present case studies. The lecturers were Tomoko Gomi from the Human Resources Development Office of the Human Resources and General Affairs Department, which supports the employment of people with disabilities, and Yuki Yoshikawa from the Manufacturing Office at the Kariya Plant, who is actively working as a human resource. We conveyed our efforts in hiring people with disabilities, including honest opinions from the perspectives of both those who support and those who work.

The importance of continuing to provide constant support

Mr. Yoshikawa, who is about to enter his third year at the company, is engaged in production work at the factory, employing people with disabilities. Although I have faced anxiety due to changes in my work location, I have been able to overcome this with various cooperation from my workplace and the company as a whole, and now I have received support from local support organizations. She is a very bright and active person, and when she goes to karaoke on her days off, she says she can't wait for her turn.The smile on her face tells us how fulfilling her life at work is.

Advics will continue to focus on promoting the employment of people with disabilities, aiming to become a company where diverse individuals can continue to play an active role as human resources by strengthening collaboration both inside and outside the company and promoting understanding within the company.