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Health management initiatives

Advics aims to be ``the world's most customer-pleasing brake shop group'' and ``a company where employees feel glad to work.'' In achieving these goals, the safety and health of our colleagues is a major premise. In order to improve the health awareness of our employees, we are working to enhance both mental and physical health measures, and aim to become an organization where all employees can work with enthusiasm, and further promote health management for the new era.

Management issues that you want to solve through health management

Certified as a Health and Productivity Management Organization

Advics' health management initiatives have been highly evaluated, and we have been certified as an "Excellent Health and Productivity Management Corporation" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Health management declaration

Aisin Group wants its irreplaceable employees to be healthy both physically and mentally and to lead fruitful lives. We believe that the health of our employees revitalizes the entire company and leads to its sustainable growth. In order to realize our management philosophy of "Moving with excitement, bringing smiles to the future," we aim to ensure that all colleagues are healthy and excited about their work, find work satisfaction and happiness in life, and develop their individual strengths. We aim to be able to demonstrate this.

  • We are concerned about our own health and strive to maintain and improve our health together with our colleagues.
  • We will foster a corporate culture that is healthy and allows individuals to demonstrate their strengths, and create a future full of smiles.

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Promotion system

Health promotion measures are considered and implemented by members including industrial physicians, public health nurses, and other professionals. Group companies also share activities through the Aisin Group Health Committee and work together as a group to promote health measures.

Health challenges and goals

Among employee health issues, we have set four items as priority management items: ``Percentage of BMI below 25,'' ``Non-smoking rate,'' ``Percentage of employees taking new leave due to mental illness,'' and ``Rate of participants in mental health training.'' We have established the AISIN Group Health Vision for 4.

Item 2021 2022
Percentage of BMI less than 25 74.0% 73.4%
Non-smoking rate 70.4% 70.7%
Rate of new employees taking leave due to mental illness 0.93% 0.77%
Mental health training participant rate 100% 100%

Specific measures to maintain employee health and improve health awareness

As the working population continues to decline and society continues to age, the company and employees are working together to maintain their health, with the aim of "developing the body and mind to work in a lively and healthy manner" without reducing the productivity of all employees, from the young to the elderly.・We are working to improve health awareness.

Promotion of lifestyle-related disease countermeasures

Medical checkup

In order to promote early detection and early treatment of illnesses, we are working to educate employees about the importance of regular health checkups and encourage them to take them. In addition, by using disease prediction tools, holding health events and providing health guidance, we provide opportunities for people to reevaluate their own health.

Achievements 2020 2021 2022
Regular health checkup rate 100% 100% 100%
  • Target: Persons enrolled as of April 4st of each fiscal year
Cancer prevention activities

Cancer screening using blood tests is conducted as an optional test for regular health checkups. ``Colon cancer screening'' and ``stomach cancer screening (pepsinogen pylori antibody test),'' which affect a large number of patients, are provided free of charge to those who wish to do so. Additionally, in collaboration with the health insurance association, we are conducting educational activities to subsidize the cost of Human Dogs and Brain Dogs and to increase the rate of test takers.

Activities to improve non-smoking rate

We are working to reduce the risk of health problems caused by smoking and promote the prevention of passive smoking, with the aim of reducing the smoking rate to 2025% in 24.2. Several times a year, we set smoke-free days throughout the company and at all locations. We also provide support for people who wish to quit smoking by providing smoking cessation support from public health nurses, implementing a smoking cessation program in conjunction with the health insurance association, and subsidizing some of the costs of outpatient smoking cessation visits. In 2024, smoking will be completely prohibited on the premises.

Initiatives to address health issues specific to women

We conduct training on health issues specific to women for managers, with the aim of acquiring knowledge and countermeasures for managing the health of female subordinates. We also subsidize the cost of gynecological checkups and conduct educational activities to encourage them. We have also established an External Telephone Helpline (EAP) so that employees can feel free to discuss matters that would be difficult to discuss within the company or workplace.

Training on health issues specific to women
Attendance rate 41.9%
Food education activities using the employee cafeteria

By collaborating with cafeteria contractors and providing dietary education through the employee cafeteria, we are creating opportunities for people to improve their eating habits. Rather than a set meal, we prepare several main dishes and small side dishes, allowing employees to choose their favorite menu. By displaying calories on the menu table and on the screen at checkout, we encourage customers to control their own eating habits and promote awareness of lifestyle-related disease prevention. We also create and provide health-promoting menus at each location, including smart lunches (low-calorie menus) and healthy rice (16-grain rice, barley rice, mannan rice).

16 grain rice
barley rice
Health and food education events

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We have set up a telephone consultation desk that provides 24-hour health consultation. It can be used not only by employees but also by their families. You can feel free to use the in-house consultation desk or during your working hours when it is difficult to consult in the workplace, and you can consult on a wide range of topics such as poor health of employees and their families, mental concerns, nursing care/childcare, referrals to nearby hospitals, etc. is possible. We also offer face-to-face consultations with qualified professionals.

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Initiatives to improve employee health literacy

Providing health information

We have created a ``health portal site'' specializing in health-related content on our internal website, which employees can view at any time.
The portal site posts the schedule and details of health measures implemented within the company, health news such as exercise and diet methods, and news about seasonal diseases such as infectious diseases and heat stroke. Masu. We have also posted manuals and internal regulations related to mental and physical health, such as a ``return-to-work flow chart'' and ``health management support while working from home,'' so that employees can check them whenever they need to.

mental health

Setting up a consultation desk

We have set up consultation desks staffed by in-house specialists such as industrial physicians and public health nurses at all of our locations, creating a system in which employees can receive consultations. We also offer consultations from psychiatrists and outside counselors.

Implementation of mental health education

We provide self-care and line-care education for managers and self-care education for new employees. In addition, Aisin Group jointly conducts line care training. In a post-participation survey, over 90% of participants answered that they were able to understand the training content and that they were able to put it into practice in the workplace.

mental health training
Until 22
Total number of participants
Section manager class Management Other managers/supervisors
264 people 416 people 416 people

Workplace improvement activities using stress checks

We provide feedback on workplace diagnosis results from stress checks to workplaces to support workplace improvement activities. We also conduct interviews with people with high levels of stress and work to provide early detection and early care for mental health disorders.

  2020 2021 2022
Examination rate 96.4% 95.0% 94.7%
High stress rate (D/E judgment) 14.2% 13.5% 13.6%
Comprehensive health risks 90 89 87
  • Overall health risk: The national average is 100, and the lower the number, the better (lower risk)
Establishment of reinstatement support

In order to ensure that employees who have taken leave of absence can return to work smoothly and reliably, we have established a system to support their return to work through collaboration between industrial physicians, public health nurses, full-time staff, and workplace supervisors.

Initiatives for people working from home

Working from home is recommended as a way to encourage diverse work styles and prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, and the number of users is increasing. We have published ``Health Management Support for Working from Home'' based on a questionnaire survey in which we asked people about problems they face while working from home. Information on ``meal content'', ``exercising methods that you can do while working from home'', ``guidelines for improving the work environment'', and ``mental care'' are posted. Additionally, we have incorporated the content of ``line care while working from home'' into ``mental health training for managers'' and ``support for workplace improvement activities such as stress checks.''

Initiatives to prevent infectious diseases

Implementation of influenza vaccination

Regarding seasonal influenza, we are taking measures to prevent infection by educating employees on how to prevent infection (such as washing hands and gargling), providing vaccinations in the workplace, and partially subsidizing the cost of vaccinations for employees' families. Masu. In the event of an outbreak, we have established a response plan and are striving to prevent the spread.