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*Based on figures for fiscal year 2023

the entire brake system
Only in the world born as a supplier

Born in 2001

Established in 2001 as a joint venture between Aisin, Denso, Sumitomo Electric, and Toyota Motor Corporation, we are the only brake system supplier in the world that develops everything from electronically controlled brake systems to pads. We celebrated our 2021th anniversary in 20.

Origin of company name

The company name ADVICS is a combination of the initials of ADVanced, Intelligent, Chassis, and Systems.

Everything about running
Possesses technology to control

Regenerative cooperative braking

To maximize energy recovery, it performs cooperative control with regenerative braking, and optimally controls hydraulic pressure according to changes in regenerative braking force.

cruise control

In order to maintain a safe distance between vehicles, the system uses sensors to detect the speed and distance of the vehicle in front, and automatically decelerates and accelerates.

Automatic emergency brake

A system that detects obstacles using sensors installed in the vehicle and automatically applies the brakes. It plays a role in preventing collisions.

Electric parking

The parking brake is automatically activated in conjunction with shift lever and accelerator operation. This product is essential for ACC and automatic parking, which will lead to the realization of autonomous driving.

Brake control technology
(Smooth braking)

We are working to improve vehicle comfort through vehicle integrated control technology that optimally controls brakes and other functions using advanced software design.

Support Loco Solare!

Loco Solare

ADVICS supports Loco Solare as the main sponsor. Furthermore, through sponsorship of curling events, such as acquiring naming rights for Advics Tokoro Curling Hall, we are contributing to the revitalization of the Hokkaido region, where brake evaluation tests are being conducted.

Various club activities are active!

Judo Club

The Judo Club has been active since 1974, inheriting the tradition of the Aisin Seiki (now Aisin) Judo Club established in 2018, in order to bring a fresh wind of energy to both the company and the public, and has participated in numerous competitions both in Japan and abroad.

ET Robocon

ET Robocon is different from a typical Robocon in that it is a competition where designers compete for the best in design using software development and modeling languages. Advics has participated every year since 2006 and has won the national championship the past five times. Through the competition, we are increasing our knowledge of high-quality software design, which will lead to the development of control brakes and vehicle motion control.


Mainly participating in the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Rally Challenge, we also participate in domestic rally competitions (regional races, all Japan). While training people through competition, we gain a deeper understanding of cars, which also leads to the development of brake products.