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For various inquiries regarding ADVICS, please contact us as follows.

Inquiries about products

Advics does not sell OEM products directly to general customers. Therefore, we are unable to directly provide information to customers regarding product specifications, etc., and we refrain from responding to inquiries.
Therefore, if you have any inquiries regarding products other than commercially available products, please contact your vehicle dealer or vehicle manufacturer.

Inquiries regarding commercially available products

Advics Sales Co., Ltd.

Inquiries about recruitment

Recruitment site

Career/New graduate recruitment


Temporary recruitment


Recruitment of temporary employees


Regarding general corporate information
Inquiries, other opinions, etc.

By phone or fax
We are also accepting inquiries.

TEL: 0566-56-5900

FAX: 0566-22-8021

448-8688 Showacho, Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture 2-1

Regarding individual regions/overseas bases

For customer inquiries related to the following locations, please contact us here.
(We respond to inquiries in both Japanese and Japanese)
Person in charge: China Headquarters Wang Jianhui 
Yoshitaka Mori
<Target company>
ADVICS Tianjin Automobile Parts CO. Ltd.
ADVICS Guangzhou Automobile Parts CO. Ltd.
ADVICS Changzhou Administration CO. Ltd.
ADVICS Fuzhou Automobile Parts CO. Ltd.
ADVICS Yunfu Automobile Parts CO. Ltd.
ADVICS Taiwan Automotive Parts CO. Ltd.