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Risk management

Corporate ethics

Advics recognizes that risk management is an extremely important management issue in order to continually increase corporate value and fulfill our social responsibilities.
In order to minimize damage and quickly restore business when a risk occurs, we are conducting risk reduction activities at all Group locations in Japan and overseas.

CSR Committee

After taking a bird's-eye view of all the risks surrounding the Advics Group, we have identified four of the company's most important risks: "crisis management," which has a particularly large impact on the company and its stakeholders, as well as "safety and health," "environment," and "corporate ethics." Masu. We conduct intensive discussions and check and follow up on the progress of countermeasures, with the aim of addressing cross-cutting issues related to risk management and promoting horizontal development.

Information security

With the advancement of IoT and DX, the importance of information security measures for companies is increasing. Furthermore, in recent years, awareness of personal information protection has increased in countries around the world, and regulations have been tightened. In addition to technical measures, we are promoting the creation of systems and rules based on consistent policies, strengthening of monitoring functions, and training and education throughout the group in order to strengthen confidentiality management and raise the awareness of each and every employee. .

BCP (Business Continuity Plan)

We have formulated a BCP to enable early business recovery through prompt and appropriate initial response when major risks such as natural disasters such as large-scale earthquakes, fires, and infectious diseases materialize. Our basic policy is based on the three pillars of human life first, production restoration, and regional support, and we conduct regular training during normal times, as well as strengthen our systems and develop manuals.

first aid training
Disaster initial response training


In addition to providing education tailored to each level, we also distribute pocketbooks on basic safety behaviors and fire prevention that all employees should follow, and carry them with them at all times. In addition to regularly disseminating various risk information on the company intranet, we encourage employees to prepare for risks through e-learning. In addition, we have set up an educational dojo at our factory, with exhibits and hands-on corners for learning and awareness from past disasters, in an effort to pass down our experiences and prevent recurrence.

Disaster experience/exhibition corner
driving simulator


Corporate ethics

Advics strives to ensure that each and every employee shares high ethical standards and practices compliance naturally throughout the group and globally.

Aisin Group compliance system

We have established a Corporate Ethics Committee, which is responsible for determining important policies and systems related to compliance. In 2018, in order to ensure that the compliance level of the entire group exceeds a certain standard, we consolidated the legal functions of each company and established the Group Headquarters Legal Department, which plans and promotes group and global compliance activities.

Ethics consultation desk

We have set up a compliance consultation desk to receive consultations from employees, their families, etc. When responding to inquiries, we strive to detect and rectify misconduct as early as possible, while paying thorough consideration to human rights, such as protecting privacy and preventing disadvantage to those seeking advice. We have established contact points within the company, at lawyers, and at Aisin Group headquarters so that users can use the service depending on the content.

Charter of Corporate Behavior

We contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through our corporate activities in countries and regions around the world. To this end, we will respect human rights, abide by all laws and international rules and their spirit, and act with social decency and integrity, both domestically and internationally.
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Charter of Corporate Behavior

Aisin Group Human Rights Policy

In 2021, we formulated the AISIN Group Human Rights Policy. We have declared that we will fulfill our responsibility to respect human rights, and have incorporated this into the important regulations of each function, including those of our group companies and supply chain.
Aisin Group Human Rights Policy

Education and awareness activities for compliance practices

To raise employee compliance awareness, we conduct group training and e-learning tailored to rank, role, and work. We also publish a compliance newsletter four times a year, introducing the latest information and case studies. In addition, we invite lawyers from TMI Law Offices to give lectures to managers and supervisors on the themes of embezzlement, quality fraud, and harassment, followed by training sessions.

Lecturer Kazuya Ogata Attorney 
Compliance training

Conducting a corporate ethics survey

Once a year, we conduct an ethics survey for all employees. Through this, we are able to grasp ethical awareness and inappropriate behavior, and use the PDCA cycle to reform the company's culture. The survey is available in seven languages ​​to make it easier for non-Japanese employees to respond.

FY23 survey response rate 96.7%