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environmental management

Coexistence with the global environment

In order to realize the Aisin Group's management philosophy, which is based on "Moving Mobility and Bringing Smiles to the Future," ADVICS contributes to creating a sustainable society and harmonizing people and the earth into the future through our business activities. To do.

Environmental declaration

Advics conducts its business activities with the mission of contributing to the development of a safer and more comfortable motorized society through the development, production, and sales of automotive brake products. To this end, all employees of the ADVICS Group aim to achieve harmony between the environment and people and create a better environment, as well as resolve environmental and social issues.

Guidelines for action

  1. In addition to conforming to international standards and complying with laws and agreements stipulated by each country, we also establish voluntary standards and strive to prevent pollution.
  2. We will promote the development and production of earth-friendly technologies and products that take life cycles into consideration.
  3. We will work to reduce greenhouse gases in all business activities, including the use of clean energy, toward a decarbonized society.
  4. We strive to minimize resource use and waste, including efficient use of water, procurement of materials with low environmental impact, and reuse of waste.
  5. We will promote activities to protect biodiversity and ecosystems through environmental conservation activities.
  6. We strive to continuously improve our environmental management system, reduce environmental impact, and prevent pollution.
  7. We will sincerely respond to environmental requests from stakeholders and operate in cooperation with group companies.
  8. We will invest appropriate management resources to innovate technology, improve facilities, educate and train, and raise awareness.
  9. We will thoroughly disseminate this policy to all employees, strive to achieve high goals, and actively disclose this policy.

June 1, 2023
Chief Environmental Management Officer
Vice President Executive Officer Makoto Kamiya

Main environmental data (single)

In order to ensure a decarbonized, recycling-oriented society, coexistence with nature, and management, we have set targets for each indicator and are engaged in activities to reduce our environmental impact.

production CO2emissions
Industrial waste
  • Emissions are for reference only.
  • FY20 is calculated using the 6th Aisin Consolidated Environmental Action Plan coefficient. FY21 and 22 is calculated using the same 7th Plan coefficient.

7th Aisin Consolidated Environmental Action Plan

As a member of the Aisin Group, Advics will steadily implement and achieve its environmental action plan, with the aim of building a society in which everyone can live in harmony with nature and with peace of mind.

Priority implementation items

All Aisin Research Group

In order to promote environmental activities globally, Aisin Group holds energy conservation study groups, environmental conservation study groups, EMS study groups, and product environment study groups.

Acquisition of ISO14001

In January 2005, our head office area acquired ISO 1, the international standard for environmental management. Our top priority is to develop environmentally friendly technologies and products, and we promote activities based on the concept of ``respecting limited resources.''

Utilization of natural energy

We are promoting the use of natural energy, such as installing solar panels on buildings, and securing electricity for our BCP.

Power generation capacity 1,730kWh/hour
CO2Annual reduction in emissions 960 t
Thai base solar panels

Effective use of treated wastewater

ADVICS Kariya Plant reuses purified wastewater treatment water as cooling water for production equipment and waste oil concentrators, resulting in a total wastewater consumption of 165,000 m3Reduced water usage in /year.

Annual reduction in water usage 165,000m3
ADVICS Kariya Factory

Reusing anti-static gloves by washing them

Previously, the Advics Handa Factory disposed of used anti-static gloves as industrial waste. We focused on the fact that depending on the dirt and damage, it can be washed and reused, and as a result of building a reuse system within the factory, we have been able to reduce waste by 500 kg/year.

Annual reduction in waste 500kg
ADVICS Handa Factory

Environmental beautification activities

We regularly carry out cleanup activities in the vicinity of our company. By keeping the area clean through cleaning activities, we are helping to further improve the environmental awareness of our employees.

China base cleaning activities

Carbon neutral

Advics aims to achieve carbon neutrality in order to solve the problem of climate change.

What is carbon neutral?

Global warming is said to be a major cause of climate change, and preventing global warming has become an important issue in order to protect our lives.
Carbon neutrality refers to reducing the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide, to virtually zero by subtracting the amount absorbed by forests, etc., in order to prevent global warming.

Carbon neutral promotion system

We launched a Carbon Neutrality Promotion Working Team in FY2021 and a Carbon Neutral Management Department in FY2023, and are promoting COXNUMX reduction activities in collaboration with AISIN Group.

Efforts of each team

We contribute to reducing lifecycle CO₂ emissions through product development and energy-saving activities during the production process, taking into consideration everything from procurement and manufacturing of raw materials and parts to vehicle use and disposal.

product team

CO of our own products2reduction

By reducing the weight of parts, reducing the number of parts, and replacing materials, we can reduce CO emitted during the product life cycle.2reduce.

CO through product use2Contribution to reduction

  • We provide regenerative cooperative braking systems to improve the energy efficiency of electric and hybrid vehicles. Controls friction-based braking and contributes to maximizing electrical energy recovery.
  • It minimizes the phenomenon of brake drag while driving, contributing to reducing vehicle running resistance. By improving vehicle electricity consumption and fuel efficiency, CO emitted from vehicles can be reduced.2This will greatly contribute to the reduction of
Life cycle CO per product2Breakdown of emissions
Lifecycle CO per product2emissions
CO that our products contribute to while driving a vehicle2emissions
*The amount of reduction varies depending on the size of the vehicle.

production team

Production CO of our own products2reduction

Eliminating energy waste in the process and reducing CO during production2Reduce emissions.

[Examples of initiatives]
We are working to reduce the energy required for heating by insulating the furnace body of the heat treatment furnace, reducing waste due to heat radiation, and circulating and reusing waste heat.

Reducing heating energy by reusing waste heat