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My name is Akira Akiyama and I have been appointed as president on April 2024.
Since our founding in 2001, ADVICS has contributed to the safety, comfort, and environment of cars around the world through our brake products. We have renewed our determination to continue this path and accelerate our progress into the future.

The environment surrounding the automobile industry is in the midst of a period of major change, and the roles expected of cars are changing, centered on electrification, intelligence, and diversification. Along with this, expectations for brakes, which are the core of our business, are changing rapidly.

We have formulated "ADVICS VISION 2030" for the future, and our vision is "Become the brake manufacturing group that satisfies the all customers in the world, by unitting mechanical, electrical and software technologies. We are ADVICS!" .

As a member of the Aisin Group, we will be responsible for the brake business, which is positioned as a growth area, and by accelerating technological development that addresses diversifying user values ​​and social issues, we will contribute to the realization of a new mobility society where people can live more securely. We will continue to.

Toward realizing our vision, the Advics Group will work as one globally, bringing together the wisdom and technology of diverse individuals to create innovative value. By taking the lead, facing our customers and society, and thinking and acting for the benefit of others, we will generate empathy and resonance, and continue to co-create with society.

We sincerely ask for your continued support and guidance.

President Akira Akiyama