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6 Aisin Group companies including our companywill jointly exhibit at the Beijing Motor Show 4, which will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (Beijing, China) from April 27th (Wednesday) to May 5th (Wednesday). We will introduce Aisin Group's products and technologies under the themes of "Safety and Security" and "Comfort and Convenience."

At this exhibition, we will promote the development of "vehicle energy management" technology to improve fuel efficiency, in response to the growing interest in the environment and fuel efficiency in China. In addition to products for hybrid vehicles such as "hybrid transmission" and "regenerative cooperative braking system," we also offer products such as "electric water pump for engine cooling," "electric oil pump for idle stop," and "grille shutter" to reduce heat in the engine room. We will introduce products and technologies that contribute to improving fuel efficiency through optimal fuel allocation.

The video also introduces technologies such as ``Remote Control Parking,'' which uses a smartphone to park unattended, and ``Emergency Roadside Evacuation,'' which automatically pulls the car to the shoulder of the road after determining if the driver is unable to drive. We will take a look at Aisin's advanced driving support technology, which aims to eliminate users' concerns when driving a car and meet even higher expectations.

Additionally, we will exhibit a variety of car body products, including the ``power back door,'' which is installed on SUVs that are becoming increasingly popular in China, and the ``power sliding door,'' which pursues comfort and convenience.

In recent years, Aisin Group has been building and expanding its research and development corporation in China. By strengthening our local R&D system, we will continue to provide products and technologies that suit the market.

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