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Six Aisin Group companies including our companywill jointly exhibit at the Paris International Motor Show, which will be held at Porte de Versailles (Paris, France) from October 10st (Saturday) to October 1th (Sunday). Masu.

At this exhibition, we will exhibit products for hybrid vehicles such as "hybrid transmission" and "regenerative cooperative braking system," as well as products such as "electric water pump for engine cooling," "electric oil pump for idle stop," and "grill shutter." We will introduce the technology of the ``thermal management system'' that uses ``optimal heat distribution'' in the engine compartment and contributes to improved fuel efficiency.

The simulator also introduced technologies such as ``remote-controlled parking,'' which uses a smartphone to automatically park an unmanned vehicle, and ``emergency roadside evacuation,'' which automatically evacuates the car to the roadside after determining if the driver is unable to drive. You can actually experience autonomous driving technology, which is attracting increasing interest in Europe.

Aisin Group will continue to understand our customers' needs in a timely manner and provide products and technologies that meet their expectations.

  • Aisin Group 6 companies
    Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd., Aisin Kako Co., Ltd., Aisin AW Co., Ltd., Aisin AI Co., Ltd., ADVICS Co., Ltd.
[Reference] Main exhibits

"Environment/Fuel efficiency"

  • Small capacity FF hybrid transmission
  • High capacity FF 8-speed automatic transmission
  • Electric 4WD unit
  • Cooperative regenerative braking system
  • Electric water pump for inverter cooling
  • grill shutter
  • exhaust manifold

"safe and secure"

  • ITS simulator
  • Disc brakes for sports cars
  • electric parking brake

"Comfortable and convenient"

  • High capacity FF 6-speed manual transmission
  • Power back door system (video)
  • Two-screen collaboration between ultra-realistic 3D city map and meter cluster
  • Spreadable foam filler


Advics Co., Ltd. Corporate Planning Department