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6 Aisin Group companies including our company※ 1The Frankfurt Motor Show 9 will be held in Frankfurt, Germany from Saturday, September 16th to Sunday, September 24th.※ 2We will jointly exhibit at ``.

This time, we will be introducing a variety of transmissions, including the "High Capacity 10-Speed ​​FR Automatic Transmission" and "High Capacity Multi-Stage Hybrid Transmission," which will be on display for the first time in Europe, as well as the latest "8-Speed ​​FWD Automatic Transmission" and "6-speed High Capacity FWD Manual Transmission." . Please take a look at the transmission lineup that Aisin Group aims to further strengthen its competitiveness.

We will also introduce products and systems related to "electrification" and "self-driving," which are attracting attention in the European market.
Regarding "electrification," we are developing products and technologies that will support the "electrification of vehicles," which will be increasingly demanded in the future, such as "small-capacity FF2 motor hybrid transmission," "electric 4WD drive unit," and "electronically controlled brake system." Appeal.
Products and technologies that support "autonomous driving" include products that perform integrated vehicle motion control such as "active rear steering" and "high-performance ESC modulator (side skid prevention device)", and sensing systems such as "driver monitor system" and "surrounding monitoring system". Introducing the technology.

In addition, we will exhibit a thermal management system that realizes efficient energy use, consisting of a "fully variable oil pump" that contributes to fuel efficiency with an optimal shape, an "electric water pump" and a "grill shutter," pursuing comfort and convenience. We will exhibit various car body products.

Aisin Group will continue to research and develop products and technologies that put customer expectations first, with the aim of further strengthening our competitiveness in Europe as well.

  1. Aisin Group 6 companies
    Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd., Aisin Chemical Co., Ltd., Aisin AW Co., Ltd.
    Aisin AI Co., Ltd., ADVICS Co., Ltd.
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