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3 Aisin Group companies including our companywill be exhibiting at the 10th ITS World Congress Montreal 29, which will be held at Le Palais des congrès de Montréal (Montreal, Canada) from Sunday, October 11th to Thursday, November 2nd. .

This time, based on the concept of ``a future mobility life that makes your dreams come true,'' we will introduce technology that realizes the three joys of ``connecting you with society,'' ``feeling the joy of riding,'' and ``watching over you.''

At the exhibition booth, we will be showing videos of our initiatives related to "hospitality" functions that provide safe, smooth, and comfortable transportation services from your home to your destination, as well as "ILY-", a personal mobility vehicle that changes into four shapes and can be used for a variety of purposes. Ai" demonstration will be held.

Furthermore, we will conduct a technical demonstration of "Automatic Valet Parking" using an actual vehicle. "Automatic valet parking" is a technology that automatically enters and exits a parking lot by giving instructions from outside the vehicle using a smartphone. Not only does it help users who are not good at parking, but it can also be used to enter and exit parking spaces in narrow spaces where it is difficult to park or get on and off. In this demo, we assume that the car is parked at a shopping mall, and the user gets out of the car at the entrance of the parking lot, uses a smartphone to instruct the car to park, and the car automatically enters the parking lot. Furthermore, when returning home, the vehicle will automatically leave the parking lot and meet the user at the boarding/disembarking area.

Aisin Group will continue to develop technologies that flexibly respond to the changing needs of society and provide products and systems that people expect.

Paper exhibition
  • "Parking Space Detection with Motion Stereo Camera applying Viterbi algorithm" (Aisin Seiki)
  • "A Basic Study of a Driver's Gaze Area Detection System" (Aisin Seiki)
  • “Development of Personal Mobility Overturning Avoidance System Physics utilizing Simulation” (Aisin Seiki)
  • "Advanced predictive technology, analyze stop/deceleration positions for Predictive Efficient Drive" (Aisin AW)
  • “A Winning Strategy to Park” (Aisin AW)
  • “Direct Yaw Moment Control That Can Turn a Vehicle even on an Icy Road” (Advics)
  • Aisin Group 3 companies
    Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., Aisin AW Co., Ltd., ADVICS Co., Ltd.


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