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Our company participated in the ET Software Design Robot Contest held on November 11th, sponsored by the Embedded Systems Technology Association.※ 1(nicknamed ET Robocon), we won first place in the advanced class of the developer category, 1st place in the competition category, and 1st place in the excellent model category (XNUMXst place) in the model category, winning the overall championship.
This is our fourth overall victory, following in 2008, 2011, and 2012.

ET Robocon is embedded software※ 2The event has been held every year since 2002 with the aim of nurturing young engineers, and has grown in size and attention each year. This year, 321 teams participated from companies, universities, vocational schools, etc., and competed in three classes: primary class, advanced class, developer division, and collegiate division.
The Advanced Class in the Developer Division, in which our company participated, is a highly difficult class aimed at honing skills that can be used to apply technology.

Our participation in the ET Robocon began in 2006 as a volunteer-run activity outside of work. Our company supports this activity as an experiential education that allows young employees to be involved in software development from planning to completion.
The team worked together to pursue software reliability and overcome difficult areas, resulting in the overall victory.

We will continue to strive to develop young employees and contribute to society through safer and more reliable products.

  1. In the ET Robocon competition, teams use predetermined vehicles to drive autonomously along a predetermined course, and each team competes on the software technology they have analyzed and designed using the same hardware (vehicle body).
    Judging will be based on two aspects: ``evaluation of software design model of robot driving system'' and ``robot driving performance (time race).'' The key point will be how fast and stable running can be achieved using the power of software.
    The course has so-called difficult parts, and if you clear them within the time limit, you will get bonus time.
  2. Software for controlling microcomputers built into cars, industrial equipment, mobile phones, home appliances, etc.


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