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Aisin Group including our companywill jointly exhibit at the Beijing Motor Show 4, which will be held at the China International Exhibition Center New Building (Beijing, China) from April 27th (Friday) to May 5th (Friday).

Aisin Group is focusing on the three areas of "zero emissions," "autonomous driving," and "connected" in order to respond to the structural changes surrounding the automobile industry. At this exhibition, we will focus on the ``zero emission'' field in response to the introduction of China's ``new energy vehicle (NEV)'' regulations.

In the powertrain field, in response to electrification, we have developed the newly developed FF1 Motor Hybrid Transmission, which was born from the transmission and motor technology we have cultivated, and the eAxle, a high-output, compact electric 4WD unit that can be used as a PHV or EV unit. (E-Axle)" will be exhibited.

We will also be introducing energy management products that are compatible with electrification, such as an "electric water pump for engine cooling" and a "regenerative cooperative braking system" that realize efficient energy use and contribute to improved fuel efficiency.

At the same time, we will introduce weight reduction technology using die quench products such as "door beams" in anticipation of electrification.

In addition, a demonstration car equipped with the latest products from a wide range of fields handled by the group will also be on display. The structure allows you to see at a glance where these products are used in the car, and you can also see the features of each product in motion and in videos.

Aisin Group will continue to research and develop products and technologies that put customer expectations first, with the aim of further strengthening our competitiveness.

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