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Aisin Group including our companywill be exhibiting at the "Human and Automotive Technology Exhibition 5 Yokohama" to be held at Pacifico Yokohama (Nishi Ward, Yokohama City) from May 23rd (Wednesday) to May 5th (Friday).

In order to respond to the structural changes surrounding the automobile industry, Aisin Group is working on three priority development areas: "zero emissions," "autonomous driving," and "connected."This exhibit will highlight products and technologies that will contribute to the realization of these technologies. I'd like to introduce_______

In the "Zero Emission" field, exhibits include the "FF1 Motor Hybrid Transmission" and the "eAxle." Introducing Aisin Group's electrification efforts that take advantage of its powertrain lineup.
In the field of "Autonomous Driving," we will exhibit systems such as image recognition systems, chassis products, and brake products that will realize technologies currently under development such as "Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Control" and "Automatic Valet Parking."
In addition, in the "Connected" field, we will be exhibiting a simulator of a "Navigation-linked Pneumatic Seat," which combines a pneumatic seat with a function to adjust support using air pressure, and position information technology cultivated through navigation.

In addition, the themes were ``Verification of the path of blow-by gas entering oil'', ``Consideration of basic brake disc design to improve cooling performance'', and ``Development of low friction technology for piston cart section using crosshatch shape''. We would like to introduce three technical papers.

The Aisin Group will work as one to continue research and development in order to meet users' expectations and provide new products and technologies that enrich their lives.

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