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Aisin Group including our company※ 1will be exhibiting at the 9th ITS World Congress Copenhagen 17, which will be held at the Bella Center (Copenhagen, Denmark) from September 9th (Monday) to September 21st (Friday).

This time, based on the concept of "future mobility life that makes your dreams come true," we will focus on the "connected" field as a technology that realizes the three joys of "connecting you with society," "feeling the joy of riding," and "watching over you." We will be exhibiting the following five related technologies under development for the first time.

  1. Risk prediction support system
    Anyone can drive defensively like a standard driver by predicting risks that need to be avoided while driving from front camera images, map information, and big data on the cloud, and presenting driving behavior appropriate to the situation to the driver. A system that aims to do what it can. The cockpit demo machine displays the actual scenery and CG images overlaid with risk prediction results, allowing you to experience the support system first-hand.
  2. Actuator information utilization system
    A system that estimates road surface conditions from data from in-vehicle sensors and actuators, and generates added value from big data collected based on location information. It is envisioned that the system will be used to suggest comfortable and safe routes for delivery companies and general drivers, and for efficient road maintenance for road managers.
  3. Logistics support system
    Based on route search technology cultivated through car navigation systems and highly accurate arrival time prediction technology, we can create operational routes optimized for logistics and detect differences between delivery plans and current conditions. Logistics companies can check the operation status in real time on their website.
  4. Emotion estimation technology
    "FACS" quantifies the movement of facial muscles※ 2We exhibited a demonstration of estimating the driver's emotions using the technology of ``. Emotions such as "joy" and "anger" are estimated by AI and displayed on the display.
  5. ILY-Ai (2018 model)
    A personal mobility vehicle that can be used for a variety of purposes, changing into four forms: vehicle, scooter, cart, and carry. It is equipped with intelligent safety technology that uses cameras and 4D/XNUMXD lasers to support daily life. New features have been added to this model that use technology to avoid obstacles while driving and real-time simulation to predict the risk of collisions, falls, and falls along the way.
Paper exhibition
  • "A Fast and Versatile Map Matching Engine" (AW Technical Center Europe)
  • "Prevention system for wrong way driving" (Aisin AW)
  • "Vibration Influence Elimination Methods for Heartbeat Detection by Doppler Radar in Cars" (Aisin Seiki)
  • "Efficient combination of LIDAR Intensity and 3D information for real-time pedestrian recognition" (IMRA Europe)
  1. Aisin Group's 14 major companies:Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd., Aisin Chemical Co., Ltd.Aisin AW Co., Ltd., Aisin Light Metal Co., Ltd., Aisin Development Co., Ltd., Aisin Kiko Co., Ltd., Aisin AI Co., Ltd., Aisin Shin'ei Co., Ltd., Aisin AW Industries Co., Ltd., Hosei Brake Industry Co., Ltd.ADVICS CO., LTD., Shiroki Kogyo Co., Ltd., Art Metal Kogyo Co., Ltd. (In addition to the three companies listed in underlined and bold letters, the five exhibiting companies are IMRA Europe SAS and AW Technical Center Europe SA)
  2. FACS (Facial Action Coding System): A system that quantitatively codes facial muscle movements based on anatomy. Using this system, we perform emotion estimation by associating quantitatively defined facial expressions and emotions.


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