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Aisin Group including our companywill jointly exhibit at the "Paris Motor Show 10" to be held at "Porte de Versailles" (Paris, France) from October 4th (Thursday) to October 10th (Sunday). However, we would like to introduce Aisin Group's latest products related to ``electrification'', which is attracting a lot of attention.
This time, we will be exhibiting the latest "FF1 motor hybrid transmission" based on Aisin's main product automatic transmission. This product is a hybrid transmission that replaces the torque converter of an existing automatic transmission with a disconnect clutch for the motor and engine.

Furthermore, we will be unveiling for the first time four types of drive module "eAxle" that can meet a wide range of electrification needs. These are a series of motors, gearboxes, and power control units (hereinafter referred to as PCUs) that are combined in various patterns. By selecting and combining a motor with a capacity that matches the customer's needs with an integrated or separate PCU, and a coaxial or parallel shaft reducer, you can drive hybrid vehicles (HEVs), plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs), and electric vehicles. We can provide drive modules that are compatible with all types of vehicles, including automobiles (EVs) and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs).

In addition, we will introduce an electric pump that lubricates and cools the motor and battery, and a regenerative cooperative brake that cooperates with the braking force of the motor to achieve a smooth brake feeling. We will also exhibit car body parts made using the die quench method, which contributes to weight reduction.

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