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Aisin Group including our companywill be exhibiting at the Shanghai Motor Show 4, which will be held in Shanghai, China (National Exhibition Center) from April 18th (Thursday) to 25th (Thursday).

This time, we will introduce an "electric water pump for engine cooling" that contributes to improved fuel efficiency through efficient heat management, as products that are compatible with the electrification of cars, as well as two types (by-wire type and ESC type) tailored to the customer's vehicle type and needs. )'s ``Regenerative Cooperative Braking System.''

In addition, as technologies that contribute to the realization of autonomous driving, we are developing products that perform integrated vehicle motion control such as "active rear steering," "electronic brake system," and "high-performance ESC modulator (electronic stability control device)," and "driver monitor system." We will exhibit products using sensing technology, such as `` '' and `` surrounding monitoring system.''

At the same time, we will be exhibiting a demo car, the i-mobility Type-T, equipped with a wide range of products from the Aisin Group, which is a comprehensive automotive parts supplier that handles parts that make up almost every part of a car.

Aisin Group will continue to actively research and develop new technologies required by users and aim to further strengthen our competitiveness in China.

Additionally, this time, we will be setting up a corner for "BluE Nexus," a joint venture between DENSO Corporation (Head Office: Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture, President and CEO: Koji Arima, hereinafter referred to as DENSO), within the DENSO and Aisin Group booth. . In addition to holding a joint press conference with Denso and Aisin Group, we will also exhibit drive modules for electric vehicles.

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