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The Aisin Group, including our company, will be exhibiting at the Frankfurt Motor Show 9, which will be held in Messe Frankfurt, Germany, from September 10th (Tuesday) to September 22nd (Sunday).

This time, in addition to the electric drive module "eAxle," we will exhibit products for electric vehicles such as "electric pump," "regenerative cooperative brake," and "aluminum battery frame" as the "Aisin EV System," which will help improve electric vehicles through heat management, weight reduction, etc. Introducing contributing products.
We will exhibit six types of electric water pumps, which boast the world's top market share and a wide range of lineups, ranging from small general-purpose to FC stack cooling.

In addition, BluE Nexus Co., Ltd., a joint venture between DENSO Co., Ltd. and Aisin Seiki, will be exhibiting at an adjacent booth, displaying a wide lineup of drive modules for electric vehicles and 1-motor hybrid transmissions.

Aisin Group will continue to research and develop products and technologies that put customer expectations first, with the aim of further strengthening our competitiveness.