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 Advics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Tetsuya Otake, hereinafter referred to as Advics) has recently been selected for the Health and Productivity Management Recognition Award 2024 (Large Enterprise Category), which is jointly promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi. Certified. This is the second consecutive year of certification following 2023.

 The ``Health and Productivity Management Organization Certification System'' refers to large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises that practice particularly good health and productivity management, based on initiatives tailored to local health issues and health promotion initiatives promoted by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi. This is a system to honor corporations.

 Among our employees' health issues, we have set four items as priority management items: "Percentage of employees with a BMI of less than 25," "Non-smoking rate," "Rate of employees taking leave due to mental illness," and "Rate of people taking mental health training." Doing. Ahead of fiscal 4, we are promoting initiatives for lifestyle-related disease countermeasures and mental health care, centered on the Aisin Group Health Vision. (Detail is,HP linkPlease take a look. )

 In fiscal 2023, in addition to specific health guidance*29, we provided universal health guidance to people aged 34, 39, and XNUMX who are at high risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases. In addition, in mental health training, we focused on educating managers on how to interact with subordinates, and strengthened the creation of a workplace culture that helps prevent the occurrence of mental disorders. The above-mentioned initiatives for fulfilling employee health measures were evaluated and led to the certification.

 Advics will continue to strive to be ``the world's most customer-pleasing brake shop group'' and ``a company where employees feel glad to work'', and will work to enhance both physical and mental health measures, as well as create an organization where all employees can work with vitality. We will strive to

*1 People who are at high risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases and who can expect many benefits in preventing lifestyle-related diseases by improving their lifestyle habits.  
   Lifestyle improvement support provided by professional staff such as public health nurses and registered dietitians.