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In addition to systematic education, Advics also promotes voluntary study sessions, roundtable discussions, and salons.

On February 2024, 2, we held a "Work Style Roundtable" at the Fujioka branch office. Nine male and female members of the Friction Technology Development Department participated on the day and actively exchanged opinions on matters related to maternity and childcare leave.

Work style roundtable discussion

◆Through a simulated maternity experience
The simulated experience tool used on the day was handmade by a female employee using a shopping bag, a baby carrier, and 7kg of water. The participating male employees held the baby in their arms as they performed daily tasks such as sitting, standing, and picking up things from shelves, giving them a first-hand experience of the difficulties and hardships experienced by those who have experienced pregnancy.

◆Voices from participating employees
When I actually held the simulated experience tool, it was heavier than I had imagined. I had some knowledge about the weight of a baby, but I was able to experience firsthand how a woman's body changes due to pregnancy, and how she lives and works while carrying such a huge burden. . In the future, I would like to be more attentive to pregnant women.

of the organizer
Friction Technology Development Department Mayumi Tsujimura

◆Voice from the organizer
You can talk to your boss about your work-related concerns as part of career counseling, but there was no place where you could talk about matters related to your private life, such as life events. Therefore, we started this meeting with the desire to create a place where everyone can face and share not only the positive things about work and life, but also the negative things that they usually think about. In the future, in order to promote the creation of a comfortable working environment for all employees, we would like to carefully identify any problems and continue to create projects that are beneficial to all employees.

Advics respects the activities of each department to revitalize the workplace and improve the quality of work, and strives to create a workplace where each employee can work with enthusiasm.