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Since 2016, Advics has been conducting programming education for elementary and junior high school students in Aichi Prefecture, where its head office is located, under the title of On-site Programming Course. We are contributing to conveying the appeal of science and technology to children, who will lead the next generation, and providing a ``place of learning'' that nurtures the creators of future society.

On February 2024, 2, we held a programming lecture for 5 6th graders at Kariya City Fujimatsukita Elementary School. A total of 62 people from ADVICS participated as lecturers, supporters, and secretariat staff.

Employees who are involved in programming on the job, as well as employees with no prior knowledge, participate as child supporters. Instead of a one-sided lecture format, we practice ``active learning,'' in which children actively think and learn.

The children formed teams of four and created a program to move a Lego robot car. While receiving advice from child supporters, the children attempted missions such as ``going straight and turning right'' and ``driving in a figure eight''. In the final mission, teams compete to push as many paper cups as possible within the time limit. Everyone on the team put their wits to use and a heated battle took place! At the end, the team with the highest score presents their program. Their strategy to get a high score was met with applause from other teams.

◆Voices from participating students
It's good to think about things by yourself, but it was fun to think about how things would be better if we did it as a team, and put those ideas into action. At school, it was only a screen, but there was something in the real world, so it was easier to understand how we created the program. It was difficult because I couldn't get used to operations or numbers, but I was very happy when things went well.

Asaya Nakamoto, Quality Process Innovation Department

◆Voices from participating employees
I was very impressed by the students' serious approach to achieving their goals through trial and error in programming design, which involves mathematical concepts not learned in elementary school. I also learned from the children that I was able to approach my work with this kind of attitude.

ADVICS will continue to contribute to the development of human resources who will be the creators of the future society by creating and supporting "places of learning."